Government Affairs

Policy and advocacy for our member businesses.

2017 Legislative Agenda Now Available! Click to download.

The Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce is a strong advocate for businesses at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Working closely with member businesses, the Chamber strives to make government more business friendly, and to stimulate the economic environment of the Wake Forest area.

By being a bipartisan organization, we can work with elected officials from both parties at all levels of government to ensure the voice of Wake Forest area business community is heard loud and clear on a daily basis. We are committed to promoting and advocating for the interests of our members to help the business community grow and prosper. We seek to strengthen, support and promote economic growth, cultural richness, environmental welfare and the quality of life.

Role of the Government Affairs
The Chamber’s role in government affairs is to develop and support legislation and other governmental action which promotes a strong business climate and job growth opportunities. By establishing productive relationships between business interests and public officials, and by providing forums to inform public officials and candidates for public office on issues impacting the business community, we are able to communicate official Chamber positions to the appropriate public officials prior to their action on a given issue.

We endeavor to hold public officials accountable for their actions and the resulting impacts on the business community. This may be accomplished by the circulation of public official voting records to Chamber membership on any issue on which the Chamber has communicated an official position.

Advocacy/Endorsement Requests
The Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce will consider for endorsement those issues deemed to be of significant importance for businesses and for economic development in the Wake Forest community. Any issue brought before the Board will require a simple majority vote as to whether the issue warrants the Chamber’s involvement. Level 3 must have a super majority vote from the Board. Super majority is three-fourths of the Chamber Board of Directors.

If you have identified an issue, proposed ordinance, bill rule, resolution, etc. which impacts the business community please complete and return the GAC Advocacy Request form to the Chamber. Requests must confirm factual information offered by all interested parties, and include who will be affected by the issue. Requests must also determine how the issue will impact the business membership and community. Information must be provided to the Chamber Board of Directors in advance of the board meeting, and applicants must offer the opportunity for the Chamber Board of Directors to submit questions regarding issues.

Levels of Chamber Support for Endorsed Issues

LEVEL 1: Help to educate our members on the issue
LEVEL 2: Educate our members and broader community
LEVEL 3: Educate our members and actively enlist their full support and assistance in funding and assisting with the campaign; take a key leadership role in the campaign; actively work to educate the community and sway public opinion.

The Political Picture

In an effort to better communicate to our membership the work being done by the Government Affairs committee, we will be sending out The Political Picture bi-monthly. The Political Picture is an email newsletter that contains politically relevant information for the Wake Forest business community. Click the links below for past issues.


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