Create a personal connection with your Wake Forest elected officials

Participate in the Chamber’s Government Affairs programs.


Be Seen

Be Heard

Be Aware

Advocate for the Wake Forest business community through the relationships you build with our elected officials.

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We Meet

The Chamber hosts events where business and local government leaders can connect. Attend and discuss issues critical to the health of your business.

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We Influence

Elected officials represent the interests of the Wake Forest community. You can help officials stay connected with how legislation affects the ability of businesses to thrive.

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We Inform

Voting records are public, but you may not know where to find them. We will keep you up to date on key votes that affect the way you do business.

Here’s how to influence regulations that allow local business to thrive:

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Start up

Join online. There is no better agency to advocate for pro-business legislation than the Chamber of Commerce. The Wake Forest Area Chamber is part of a larger network of regional, statewide, and national Chambers of Commerce that work as a collective voice for your business.

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Show up

We provide the opportunity for elected officials, candidates, and members to come together each year. All you have to do is show up for the events and connect to the people who make the decisions that affect the Wake Forest business environment.

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Speak up

Ask questions about current regulations, decisions that are up for votes, or where candidates and officials align on issues. Share how legislation will impact your business and the lives of those you employ. You connect government leaders to how their decisions impact real life. We believe when businesses win, all of Wake Forest wins.

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines while others decide on legislation that affects your business.

You can get active and shape the future of the Wake Forest business regulations, laws, and infrastructure.