The group for dynamic female professionals in Wake Forest

Tackle common issues, celebrate success, and foster shared goals.

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Don’t face female executive life alone.

When one Chamber member wins, we all win. We exist to serve each other and help the Wake Forest community flourish.

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Be Vulnerable

We all struggle with real business, personal, and professional challenges. You can open up, be real, and get strategies from women who have been there.

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Build Relationships

Our members build long-term alliances that drive personal growth while supporting the community.

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Change the Game

Whether it's making the community better or finding better ways to do business, members work together to push the boundaries of success.

Upcoming Events

Stay involved and increase your exposure in the Wake Forest area.

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You don’t have to work so hard to grow a strong female executive network. Participate in the Women’s Business Alliance in 3 easy steps:

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Join the Chamber

Join online or schedule a 30-minute, no obligation consultation to discuss your goals and objectives.

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Attend events

We’ll provide opportunities for you to learn, share, and socialize with other executive ladies in Wake Forest. All you have to do is show up and start connecting.

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Experience break-throughs

When you share real struggles, it allows other women to share similar struggles or insights from experiencing the same scenarios. When you share your successes, you give the ladies around you the opportunity to celebrate what it looks like for women to win in business and life.

Successful women help Wake Forest professional women grow.

“The Women’s Business Alliance at the Chamber is fabulous. The women who participate are so supportive and proactively look for ways to help each other. Between the programming and the socials, every month I learn something new to help me personally and professionally.”

Becky Parsons

Edward Jones

Don’t waste another night networking with people who just want what’s in it for them.

Build a network that understands women and celebrates winning together.