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Women Business Owners Alliance


Connecting, Educating and Celebrating Women Business Professionals.

Women Business Owners Alliance (wBOA) brings together professional women who are members of the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce. These dynamic female business executives meet monthly (January – November) to share common goals, successes, concerns and issues. wBOA’s primary focus is not traditional networking or lead-generation; wBOA is a mastermind group designed to promote collaboration and brainstorming through provocative speakers and the sharing of business knowledge and experiences among participants. wBOA discourages participants from soliciting business or requesting sales during its meetings or socials.

wBOA provides participants with:

  • A monthly respite from the grind of business – wBOA meets on the third (3rd) Friday of each month from 8:30-10:00 am in the Chamber Boardroom (excluding February, May, August and November Socials).
  • Opportunities to gather with like-minded women who share common goals, challenges, issues, concerns, solutions and aspirations.
  • Recognition and celebration of business successes.
  • A forum to connect and collaborate during topic-driven discussions.
  • “Ask the Expert” meetings that provide speakers who share their expertise on business topics and matters such as business finance, marketing and legal compliance.
  • Four (4) socials (February, May, August and November).

Are you a potential participant in the Women Business Owners Alliance?

wBOA’s program is created to support female business professionals who:

  • Are current members of the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce;
  • Serve as a leader in an area business;
  • Are responsible for the financial viability and risks to the business’ bottom line;
  • Are not a president/CEO or partner in a multi-leveI marketing company;
  • Appreciate that wBOA is not a formal networking group that does not focus on lead generation as its primary objective;
  • Do not wish to attend a meeting in which they are solicited by fellow participants; and
  • Will attend at least six (6) of the 11 wBOA events scheduled during the year and understand that active participation is truly the best way to benefit from wBOA.